How the chocolate chip cookie was invented

It all started when a woman invited all her friends to a tea party.  When she was getting the tea party ready she remembered she was suppose to make chocolate cookies !!!  [Back then, you would make chocolate cookies by melting the chocolate chips and then mixing it with sugar cookie doh!!] Well, she was in such a hurry she thought that maybe the chocolate would melt in , but of course it didn’t !!! When the cookies came out they were perfect, except the chocolate was not melted in !! Well she didn’t have enough time to bake a new  batch so she gave the ones that were mistaken to her friends, and of course they loved them!!


What would we do if no one could cook ????!!!!

Cooking is useful, fun, and can bring family members closer together.  So what would we do if no one could cook ???  That is what I have been thinking about a lot lately here is what I think  would happen :

  • Well a lot of people would die [ because who could eat raw meat!]
  •  I also think I and some other people could not live without birthday cakes on their birthdays and cupcakes on holidays or special occasions.
  • There would be no such thing as candy and that means there would be no such thing as candy canes on Christmas!
  • There would be a lot of things we could not get if we could not cook.  So if you can cook then be grateful you can cook !